The 23-year old that Made a Fortune From Selling Clothes Online

Living of by what you love doing is a dream every person has. A dream that Jackie Njeru lives in every day. Ms. Njeru was just a normal 23-year old civil engineering graduate with a dream of becoming a fashion designer with her own e-commerce website. Her friends all admired her style and gave her the best e-commerce tip that changed her life – to start her own fashion blog. And it all started there.

In October 2014, following her friend’s e-commerce tip and suggestions, Jackie started her blog and with it, her search for the perfect e-commerce solution. Contrary to her expectations, things didn’t go quite according to her plan. Some of her fashion combinations and clothes were ruthlessly criticized and it seemed like the successful e-commerce website Jackie wanted would remain just a dream. She knew that something was missing and in her e-commerce solution formula and she started searching for it.

She soon realized that she couldn’t get her creative freedom without being able to create her own pieces of clothing and because of it, she started self-learning sewing. After watching many Youtube videos and reading blogs with e-commerce tips on how to get her e-commerce website the exposure it needs, she managed to gather money for a sewing machine and began creating the first pieces.

Going up on Youtube had its ups and downs. The exposure she got helped her for her e-commerce marketing and getting in touch with her audience, but it was not always met with cheers which happened with the first few creations Jackie uploaded. But, her perseverance and passion weren’t swayed by this and she continued doing what she loved.  After a while, a cousin told her she wanted a unique dress sewn for her prom to which Jackie offered herself to do it and that was her first client.

After that, Njeru continued to follow a simple e-commerce marketing strategy which was to visit every beauty pageant contest in her city and to showcase her designs there. Through this and referrals Jackie gets her client list and in a good week, she has about five orders made.

What makes her stand out from the other e-commerce websites is her boldness and bright style. “I like to stand out from the crowd, to express myself in the most exceptional way possible. However, I ensure that I don’t bring out something that is too loud — I want to excite and create interest, not shock and create confusion,” said Njeru. “I aim to create something that identifies who I am, but still looks dazzling when adapted by someone else.”

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